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No Prep February Math Stations {Groundhogs, Presidents, & Valentine’s Day}


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These 16 February math stations are great for celebrating Valentine's Day, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Groundhog Day!

Included are:
-Greater Than Groundhogs: Create greater than/less than sentences by identifying the greater of 2 numbers.
-Take Cover: Roll dice to find sums; be the first to color in an entire groundhog!
-Shadow Sums: Color as many shadow sums as you can roll.
-Whatever the Weather: Spin, graph, tally, and analyze data for various types of weather

Valentine's Day
-We Are Family: Given a fact family, create number sentences that belong.
-Sweet Stories: Write a story problem about a box of chocolates.
-Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing: Match each item with its correct group of coins to match its cost
-My Funny Valentine: Solve the Valentine’s Day joke by answering math facts.

Abraham Lincoln
-Hats Off to You: Create and complete fact families
-Abe Was Honest…And That’s a Fact!: Sort sums as “True” and “False.”
-Sweet 16: Write, illustrate, and solve a story problem with a solution of 16.
-All About 16: Making 16 six different ways

George Washington
-Stars & Stripes Forever: Color even and odd numbered stars according to the key.
-Quarter Mini-Book: Explore value of 1,2, 3, & 4 quarters; characteristics of the quarter
-I’m Number One: Creating number sentences that equal 1
-Compare & Contrast: Comparing numbers 1 & 16

Each set of stations includes activities and games that can be completed in a station, whole class, individual, or small group format—you choose!

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