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One Word Game {Back to School Version}


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The One Word Game is a HIT with my students, and my only regret is that we would have started playing it sooner! In the One Word Game, students compete against each other in teams to grow their vocabulary, practice verbal directions, and build their descriptive language skills. The best part? All of this learning is disguised as FUN and a FRIENDLY competition!

One Word Game {In a Nutshell}
•Players divide into 2 teams. 2 players sit with their backs to the whiteboard.
•An image is projected onto the screen so the audience can see it but the players cannot.
•Teams take turns giving clues to their player using ONLY ONE WORD. (It's trickier than it sounds!)
•The first team's player to guess the word earns a point for his/her team.

This game is simple with ZERO prep, quick, and the perfect “time-filler” when you have a few minutes to burn between transitions. It serves as an incredible alternative to your usual brain breaks and can be played competitively or just for fun!

The One Word Game comes in 2 formats: plain slides with image only OR the same slide with clue prompts given. Clue prompts are student-friendly images that can jog a student's thinking when they are stuck on an idea for a clue to give their teammate. Please download the preview to view an entire set of rules along with both slide formats.

I hope you enjoy this product just as much as we have LOVED it in our classroom! Thank you for visiting–please come by again soon! 🙂

Erin Waters
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