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Paperless Back to School Survival Kit {Icebreakers, Procedures, & More}


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This Paperless Back to School Survival Kit is filled with interactive whiteboard icebreakers, editable classroom rules and procedures posters, and more fun to make your first week back to school easy, low-stress, and no prep! 160 PowerPoint slides include a variety of projectable games, rules, jokes, and activities that will keep your new students engaged, busy, entertained, and having fun all week long!

This entire product is intended for interactive whiteboard use. Included, you will receive:
80 pages of Icebreakers
•Find a Friend Who…
•ABC’s of Me
•Stand Up/Sit Down
•Skittle Game
•2 Truths & A Lie
•Hear It, Draw It
•Pack It Up
•Would you Rather?
•The Hot Seat
• Plus—an editable template to create your own!

60 pages of Rules & Procedures*
How to…
•Make Good Choices At Recess
•Make Good Choices At Lunch
•Walk in the Hallway
•Line Up
•Use the Bathroom
•Do a Fire Drill
•Do an Earthquake Drill
•Do a Safety Drill
•Do a Lockdown Drill
•Do a Tornado Drill
•Sit on the Carpet
•Do Indoor Recess
•Do the Morning Routine
•Do the End of the Day Routine
•Organize Your Supplies
•Do Attendance
•Make Your Lunch Choice
•Do Morning Work
•Turn in Your Work
•Take Care of Our Pencils
•Get a Drink of Water
•Get a Tissue
•Turn in Things From Home
•Use the Classroom Library
•Use Our Technology
• Plus—an editable template to create your own!

All About…
•Behavior & Choices
•Student Numbers
•Classroom Jobs
•Going to Specials
•Our Schedule
•Our Schedule (Morning)
•Our Schedule (Afternoon)
•Birthdays In Our Room
• Plus—an editable template to create your own!

10 pages of What-If Scenarios*
•What if my pencil breaks?
• What if I feel sick?
• What if I forget what to do?
• What if I can’t spell a word?
• What if I need a tissue?
• What if I have a question?
• What if I am hurt?
• What if my tooth is loose?
• What if I need paper?
• What if my friend is being mean?
• What if my partner is off task?
• Plus—an editable template to create your own!

10 pages of Just-for-Fun Jokes
•Answers included in “Read First” document
• Plus—an editable template to create your own!

A Detailed How-To Guide for Use
•Includes editable tips, photographic examples, and all you need to execute this in your classroom!

*Titles of these slides are editable so you can change them to fit the wording and language used in your classroom and school!

How to Use
Simply project this file on your interactive whiteboard. You can change the order of the slides to make a slideshow that fits your exact needs! For the first week of school, we follow a cycle: Icebreaker, Procedure, Joke, What If, Icebreaker, Procedure, etc. to ensure we have fun, get to know each other, and learn the way we do things in our classroom and at school!

This comes as a PDF file as well as a PowerPoint file: with the PowerPoint file, you can add, delete, change order of slides, or create & edit your own! The PDF file contains the exact same content but is not editable in any way.

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