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Practically Paperless™ Math Journal 1st Grade {Whiteboard-based & EDITABLE}


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This 1st grade paperless EDITABLE math journal will save your math block, your sanity, your time–you name it! Mess-less, stress-less, and (almost) paperless! A year's worth of math journal prompts will engage your students, make them think creatively, and have fun!

Prompts are organized to cut down on teacher direction-giving time during the busy math block. The electronic nature of the prompts creates a COPY-FREE product for teachers! The left side of the screen is a simple math prompt and the right side of the screen features an example layout of a student notebook. Students simply respond to prompts daily in their math journals by copying the example layout on the screen.

Units Included
•Back to School (Kindergarten math review)
•Addition & Subtraction Relationships
•Place Value
•Time & Measurement
•Shapes & Fractions
•End of the Year (2nd grade prep)-to be included by 12/17
*Please view the preview to see a detailed list of all skills included*

Math prompts are included in 2 formats so you can choose which one is best for your class and curriculum timeline:
Unit By Unit These prompts are organized in folders by unit, so you can utilize the prompts as you teach each topic (for example, use only fraction prompts during your fraction unit)
Spiral Review This document contains all 200 prompts in one file; the prompts rotate between the 8 units so students are exposed to and strengthen various skills year-round.
Weeks 1-6 are all Kindergarten review so students can get used to the journal routine and set-up without also being introduced to new content.
Weeks 7-40 are rotating skills (for example, one week might be Place Value, Addition, Time, Fractions, Subtraction).

*Each unit is color-coded so it is easy to see which skill is being projected on any given day. Each slide is ALSO number-coded to correspond with a skill key so teachers can look at any student journal page and quickly identify the skill and its content.

THE BEST PART?! This journal pack is almost 100% editable to fit to your classroom. ALL text is editable so you can:
•Change names in prompts to match your students’ names
•Change numbers in prompts to differentiate OR reuse the same prompt in a different way
•Change the slide title if you choose to use this as a small group activity rather than a math journal

No whiteboard? No problem! You can easily print prompts and display them 1 week at a time in a math journal station!. Directions and materials for this are included!

Included in this pack, you will receive:
•40 weeks of unique prompts (200+ altogether!) (Available in PowerPoint OR PDF format)
•Math Journal Cover (fits any standard-sized spiral notebook; comes in color and black & white)
•Directions for classroom implementation, tips for editing, and more!
•A key that corresponds to all 200 prompts’ codes so you can quickly assess student understanding throughout the year
•Math Journal Station bulletin board pieces (pictured in preview)

This math journal is ideal for 1st grade but might be able to be used in other grade levels depending on your students.

Want to try it for free before you buy it? Click HERE for a free week!

*Please read the ENTIRE “Read First” file before you e-mail me or enter questions on my Q&A tab. This file includes any and all information you will need to use this product. If you have read th file and still need clarification, please feel free to e-mail me or drop a question on my TPT Q&A page and I’d be happy to help! *

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