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Holiday Parent Gift {Directed Drawing Fridge 2021 Calendar} | LIFETIME UPDATES


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Are you looking for a holiday parent and family gift your students can make to show their love this winter for Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, and more? This directed drawing fridge calendar is full of kid-friendly puns and simple step-by-step drawings that is sure to spread love all year round! This calendar is designed with the fridge in mind, so it uses less space AND less paper: each month is only a HALF sheet of paper, so only 6 pages are needed per student.


Included (Please see Preview for detailed photographs):
•12 calendars with silly puns and space for illustrations on each monthly page (for example, January’s display reads: “Words can’t espresso how much you mean to me!” featuring a coffee cup)
•Step-by-step directed drawing instructions (available to print or PROJECT on a whiteboard for whole class viewing)
•A How-To guide for implementation
•Slides with photographs and simple text to introduce the project to students
•Bright photographic examples of each finished month

Because the holidays are such a busy time, I’ve also included a short guide about how to utilize this product to save yourself time while also ensuring a high-quality output from your students (giving you the choice of a whole class format or small group calendar stations).

**Calendar will be updated every year to reflect the current year**

In addition, none of the months are related to specific holidays, so ALL students can use it and feel comfortable gifting it to their families.

Thanks for visiting my store! I hope you come again soon 🙂

Erin Waters
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