October Paperless 1st & 2nd Grade Morning Work {Whiteboard-based & EDITABLE} - Elementary Education

October Paperless 1st & 2nd Grade Morning Work {Whiteboard-based & EDITABLE}


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This October morning work product will save your mornings, your sanity, your time–you name it! Mess-less, stress-less, and (almost) paperless! A month's worth of morning journal prompts will engage your students, make them think creatively, and have fun! Also—each prompt has the option to play classical music to calm your students as they focus and write!

Prompts are organized to cut down on teacher direction-giving time during the busy morning time. The electronic nature of the prompts creates a COPY-FREE product for teachers! Students simply respond to prompts daily in their morning journals (spiral notebooks).

To view the bundle of an entire year’s worth of journals, click HERE
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Prompts follow this schedule:
Make It Monday (Varies between: ‘Draw a picture & write a sentence about it', ‘Draw a picture and label it', or ‘Make a list').
True Life Tuesday (Write facts about ______)
Would You Rather? Wednesday (Would you rather _______ or _______? Why?)
Thoughtful Thursday (Questions that make students think deeply: Why do you think…, How do…, How long would it take…etc.)
Free Write Friday (Write about anything you want!)

Each week also has a different theme:
•Creepy Critters
•Fire Safety

Product Features
•This format is predictable for students, which makes expectations clear and consistent and lowers the amount of time spent asking and answering questions about directions each day.
*The BEST part?!
•Each prompt also includes an example answer set-up so students can clearly see the format expected.*
*One more thing!
•Each prompt also includes a classical music song that can play while the students work. This creates a calm atmosphere to start your mornings off smoothly!

•There are 5 prompts for each of the 4 weeks (20 prompts total). These prompts are seasonal and meant to be used during the month they were made for. If there are certain weeks you are unable to use because they don’t apply to your students, you can purchase bonus prompts here to use instead. Or, you can purchase an entire year of prompts HERE!

Included in this pack, you will receive:
•4 weeks of unique prompts (20 altogether!)
•Editable Options:
-Editable PowerPoint files (please view Preview file to see which components are editable)
•Non-editable Options:
-Non-editable PowerPoint files
-Non-editable PDF files (for use on devices without PowerPoint)
*Please note that ONLY the PowerPoint files can play music; PDF files will not contain music options
•Directions for Editable Options
•Directions for Classroom Implementation & Tips

Interested in the other months?:
Bonus(summer & extra seasonal weeks included)
OR, buy the entire bundle at a discounted price HERE!

Kindergarten version of seasonal paperless morning journals is coming in the near future! 
2nd/3rd grade version of seasonal paperless morning journals is coming in the near future! 

Interested in NON-SEASONAL paperless morning journals?:

*Please note the non-seasonal journals are in the process of being updated to reflect the musical component. Purchase today will ensure a free download to update your file once the musical format has been included*

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