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Practically Paperless™ End of Year Reflection Journal {Whiteboard-based}


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This morning work product will save your mornings, your sanity, your time–you name it! It's also a perfect end of the year product to help your class reflect on the good times and memories had by all! Mess-less, stress-less, and (almost) paperless! 5 week's worth of morning journal prompts will engage your students, make them think creatively, reflect, reminisce, and have fun!

Prompts are organized to cut down on teacher direction-giving time during the busy morning time. The electronic nature of the prompts creates a COPY-FREE product for teachers! Students simply respond to prompts daily in their morning journals (spiral notebooks).

Prompts follow this schedule:
Make It Monday (Make a list, make a picture and label it, etc.)
True Life Tuesday (Write about things you learned in math/reading/etc. this year)
Would You Rather? Wednesday (Would you rather _______ or _______?)
Thoughtful Thursday (Questions that make students think deeply and reflect: If you could change something about this year/how have you changed/etc.)
Flashback Friday (Write about the happiest/saddest/etc. moment this year)

This format is predictable for students, which makes expectations clear and consistent and lowers the amount of time spent asking and answering questions about directions each day.

Prompts are organized into 5 files for 5 weeks. There are 25 prompts total to countdown the last 25 days of school! These prompts make great morning meeting conversation starters as you look back on your year together!

Included in this pack, you will receive:
•5 weeks of unique prompts (25 altogether)
•PDF and PowerPoint versions both available
•Directions for Classroom Implementation & Tips

*Each prompt also includes an example notebook page set-up so students can clearly see the format expected.*

*A Smart Board is NOT required, since the product only needs to be projected upon a blank screen; however, interactive boards are ideal so you can write in the date, example answers, etc.

This product will free up your mornings and build student independence and direction-following!

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