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Shoe Specialist Badges: A FREE Shoe-Tying Solution!


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Untied shoelaces got you down? Are you tired of spending all of your time tying shoelaces when you can be teaching instead? Well wait no longer—with these special badges, students who learn to tie shoes can officially hold the title of Classroom Shoe-Tyer and you can be free of the tedious responsibility and get back to teaching!

I use these badges to signify which students are the go-to shoe helpers whenever there is an untied lace that needs tended to.

These badges are a great motivation for student to learn to tie laces, and it is also a great way to practice teamwork and responsibility!

Check out my blog post to read about how I use these badges in the classroom!

These badges can be printed on Avery Label Template 5294 or on cardstock to be cut and laminated.

Erin Waters
Beyond the Beanstalk

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