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Whiteboard Morning Meeting {40 Weeks}


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Do you enjoy the benefits of morning meeting but dread the prep and planning that go into it? Is your morning meeting routine getting stale? This electronic morning meeting product is pre-planned so you have 40 weeks of morning meeting right at your fingertips! Almost ZERO prep, and the messages are totally customizable! The best part? NO PRINTING, NO PAPER—it’s all on your whiteboard in colorful displays for students to engage in each component of morning meeting!

Want to try it for a week before buying? Click HERE to download! 

The morning meeting bundle is organized into 40 weeks of Morning Meeting sessions. Each week includes 5 days. Each day includes:

Morning Message
Each message slide now comes as a totally editable slide for you to type your messages for your class! This way, messages can be personalized and timely, touching upon current classroom events and learning topics. Insert fun fonts and images for the ultimate student engagement!

Greetings are fun & engaging, and are done in partners or whole groups. There are 25 different greetings that are recycled throughout the year so students have a ton of variation but also get to know each greeting’s expectations to ensure for a smooth morning meeting.–Also comes with a fully editable template to customize for YOUR classroom!

180 share topics engage students’ thinking and also allow them to practice good listening skills as an audience and build more confident speakers for students who share! Sentence frame answer prompts are also given to guide the students’ responses.–Also comes with a fully editable template to customize for YOUR classroom!

Over 25 activities are included in this yearly bundle. Activities are engaging and cooperative in order to encourage teamwork and community-building. The same 25 activities are woven into morning meetings throughout the year so students get a ton of variety but also consistent expectations.–Also comes with a fully editable template to customize for YOUR classroom!

This morning meeting model is designed to be quick & efficient. Each day’s outline contains an average of 10-15 minutes—that’s it! Messages, greetings, activities, and share components are designed to allow the teacher to set the time limit—they can go for as long or as short as you’d like!

This format is predictable for students, which makes expectations clear and consistent and lowers the amount of time spent asking and answering questions about directions each day.

Included in this pack, you will receive:
•40 weeks of morning meetings (800 pages—that’s 5 slides per day of school)
•Morning Meeting User Guide
Editable templates for Message, Greeting, Share, & Activity slides! (New as of 4/17!)

If you'd like to try it for 1 week before purchasing, click HERE to download my free 1-week sample.This was previously ONLY a PDF version, but I had so many requests for a PowerPoint version that I created one—this way, you can add, delete, change order of slides, or create & edit your own! If you prefer the PDF version, you will still have access to it via a Google Drive link, but please note that it is the *old* version and is not customizable except for being able to type in the morning message. In addition, the PDF version will have no future updates.

This product will free up your mornings and build community, engagement, and direction-following!

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